Tassie Fridge Seals has 3 locations in Tasmania, Hobart, Launceston and Burnie.  From these centralised locations, Tassie Fridge Seals services all areas of the state with trained and experienced staff.

Mouldy, hardened or cracked fridge seals can cause a multitude of problems in commercial and household fridges and freezers.  When door seals are in this condition food can become unhygienic due to ineffective refrigeration.  Furthermore worn seals places unnecessary stress on the fridge or freezer motor as it tries to compensate for cooling loss, the result of which can be prematurely worn parts and high electricity bills.  Commercial businesses have commented that they have seen a considerable drop in their electricity bills after their fridge seals were replaced.

Inspect your fridge and freezer seals today.  Open the door or lid and look for cracks, mould and tears on all parts of the seal. Don't forget to inspect the hard to see places such as the bottom of the door as damage to seals frequently occurs here and is often unnoticed, compromising the fridge or freezer's effectiveness.  Also, close the door and check the top and bottom of the door to ensure that the seal is adhering to the fridge.  Repeat this process on the left and right sides of your fridge door. 

If you find evidence of worn or defective seals, contact Tassie Fridge Seals for an obligation free quote.  Replacing the seal can lead to a new lease on life for your fridge or freezer, and is far more cost effective than replacing your entire fridge or freezer. Seals can be made for all types of fridges and freezers and represent great value for money.  Tassie Fridge Seals haven't been beaten by a fridge or freezer yet!